Provider Highlight: Cameron Delaney, L.AC Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Man, are we lucky to have Cameron on our team! Cam comes to the PWCB with a long history of experience in treating sports injuries as well as a myriad of women’s health challenges, and she carries a strong commitment to overall wellness in her patients. She is at the PWCB to help you heal and to reach optimal health whether you are recovering from an injury, attempting to become pregnant, struggling with menstrual-related challenges, going through menopause, recovering from birth or miscarriage, fatigued, struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or just looking for general health maintenance (amongst others).

Thanks, Cameron, for sharing your ideas with us!


If you are one of the many looking to learn more about what Chinese Medicine is, and how the heck it works, check out The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk. It’s a brilliant overview of where this ancient medicine has come from, and how it has evolved over the centuries.

For those hoping to understand more about Chinese Medicine and fertility, Fertility Wisdom by Angela C. Wu, L.Ac, OMD. is a beautiful, easy-to-follow book that gently guides us through how acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and meditation/self-care/lifestyle can aid in increasing fertility.

The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, PhD. has also been a favorite for patients while undergoing a Western and/or Eastern approach to fertility. She lends much insight on guidelines to help increase fertility and decrease stress and hormonal imbalance. She is also the founder of the Fertile Soul, a mind-body-spirit approach to holistic fertility wellness and perinatal health Dr. Lewis has an informative blog that I find interesting and is fun to follow:


This is a fun and interesting article on the great Dr. Xiao-Ping Zhai, simply known as The Baby Maker.

SELF CARE TIP: Postpartum mommas need some love. And sleep. And yet, finding time for themselves seems to be the never-ending quest. While this time is typically replete with all things baby, and very few things momma, it is imperative that she finds time for herself. Even an hour/week on the table of a specially trained perinatal acupuncturist or body worker can make a giant difference in postpartum uterine healing, blood nourishing, aid in sleep, immunity building and general wellness after such a large shift within, and in her entire life. Treat a momma in your life to some beautiful, nourishing time to herself, so that she can be the best, balanced momma she can be!