Kate and her team have been incredibly attentive, quick to respond and extremely helpful when I am looking for help for new mamas. As a birth doula, it is common for new moms to reach out to me when experiencing distressing symptoms. I find that they are usually reaching out when they are hanging on the end of their rope. Kate’s team have always responded within a day and have seen my clients in 1-2 days. The feedback I receive about their care is amazing. I can not thank the team at Postpartum Wellness Center enough. I am relieved to know they are here in Boulder and doing amazing work. Thank you.
— Bonnie Slater - Birth Doula

The Postpartum Wellness Center continues to be a beacon of light for women and families who seek to prevent and navigate to a safer and sacred harbor of postpartum mental health wellness. I highly recommend Kate and her staff to our clients for excellent, compassion and comprehensive professional care.
— Michele Kolakowski - Sanctuary Healing Arts LLC

The postpartum wellness center is an asset unlike any other. Mothers can go here for the unique support that they need as they navigate their journey through pregnancy, parenthood, and postpartum. The providers there encompass everything that it takes to help new mamas thrive during their most memorable, challenging, and beautiful phase of life. I will always send my clients there because I know that every mama that walks in there is seen, heard, and cared for without judgment, and that is how we make motherhood brilliant. Thank you to the postpartum wellness center for being the resource you are to so many families.
— Kerry Robinson - Founder of Full Circle Doula Cooperative

Kate has provided incredible support during a difficult time. I had seen other area therapists before, and while those sessions were helpful, the gains seemed fleeting. My work with Kate has changed the way I approach life’s challenges. Her commitment to her clients’ growth is truly extraordinary. She is insightful, focused, straightforward, and compassionate. My kids are older—the youngest is nine—but I have learned skills that will make me a better mom for decades to come.
— Mother of 2 children, 9 and 11

I gave birth six years ago. Even then in Boulder postpartum was rarely discussed prior to birth. I was a patient at Boulder Medical Center with a recommended obstetrician. I had the insight to book with Kate’s postpartum work prior to my birth as I had suffered some depression (from trauma) on and off in my life. Kate Kripke took me on as a client within two weeks after birthing. I was raw emotionally due to the fact I had another baby (adopted) at home that was just as needy as my newborn. I had support of my family and husband at home, a night nurse and even help during the day as my husband often travelled. Kate’s work with me included talking through all my fears around being a new mom. Also a mom in Boulder was another level...it meant no excuse for breast feeding, constant human contact and few vaccines. She was open and careful about advice and shared her own experiences honestly with loving support. I was extremely grateful for all my support but Kate’s postpartum support was crucial. She helped me manage more than just “baby blues” I was frightened and overwhelmed. I eventually turned to medicine...that decision was the hardest and with her support and continued care I made it. Years later I am still looking back at some of her kind words and her help in managing my expectations of being a mom to a biological and an adopted child just a year apart.
My kiddos are thriving and my parenting although incredibly taxing has been a loving and fruitful journey.
Thank you to Kate and her PWCB team for reaching out to all moms no matter the issue or circumstance. I recommend her from the heart.
— Susan Boennighausen, 47 of Boulder

When my daughter was 4 months old, I went from baby bliss to something feeling terribly wrong inside me. I am a practitioner myself and am very self-aware, but I realized I was slipping into an anxiety filled state where I knew I needed help. I started working with Kate Kripke and she was incredibly supportive, and skilled at helping me understand the brain shifts that occur after having a baby, as well as deeper threads to my family of origin issues that inevitably surface (again) after having a child. Kate has been an anchor for me through postpartum and I highly recommend her for therapy after having a baby. She is brilliant, wise, compassionate, clear and a true expert in postpartum. I also found sleep coach, Jessica Shaeffer, to be wonderfully helpful when I was having difficulty transitioning my daughter from night nursing. In the 3.5 years that I have been going to PWCB, I have found the practitioners and therapists to be highly trained, lovingly supportive and THE place to go if you need support in any way after birthing a child.
— Wendy, child 4 years old.

I am so pleased with each of the professionals at PWCB who took a team approach to helping me and I am so grateful that we have these quality compassionate professionals so near to home. Thanks for being there.
— CF, Children 2, 4, 12, and 14

Kate Kripke provided invaluable support when I was pregnant with my second child. After having severe post-partum depression and anxiety with my first child, I was desperate for this to not happen again. Kate guided me through counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, and helped me plan for a better outcome the second time around. It wasn’t easy. It was a lot of work, but I successfully made it through the birth and post-partum period without a repeat of my previous experience. I am eternally grateful to Kate for her support and would highly recommend her services.
— KH children ages 4 and 11

I came to the Postpartum Wellness Center Boulder broken, vulnerable, and at one of the lowest points of my life. I never expected to feel this way or so alone after having two beautiful children, but I did. I was truly lost and didn’t know where to turn or what to do - I just knew something was wrong and that I needed help. Diane, specifically at the Postpartum Wellness Center Boulder, has been a godsend. She gave me the tools, the support, and the kindness I needed in order to heal. I don’t know where I would be today without her. She taught me a new way of looking at myself, and most importantly, to give myself grace during this new season of life. I can’t thank the Postpartum Wellness Center Boulder enough for helping me rediscover myself and find my joy again. I am a better mother, a better wife and a much happier and healthier person, inside and out, because of their support and guidance.
— LG

Meghan was such a help! I had significant sleeping issues and mood swings after delivering my 2nd child, and Meghan was able to quickly aid the situation. Through just discussion with her and assessment, she was able to get me on a natural supplement regimen that had me feeling back to myself within weeks! After months and months of not feeling well. She provides her full attention to her clients and walks alongside you through the entire process, with phone calls and checkups, to ensure you are on track with reaching your health goals. I highly recommend Meghan for any struggling postpartum mom out there!
— Keri R

I tend toward natural healing remedies. So, when I found myself relying on an antidepressant to deal with post-partum depression, I reached out to Meghan to help get me back on track. Meghan really does treat the whole person. She was very thorough in her questionnaires, listened empathically, and provided sound advice in my medical and personal needs. It was not a quick-fix solution, but rather a plan that addressed my physical, emotional, and interpersonal needs. I would highly recommend her practice!
— Kim VH

Dr. Van Vleet’s approach to the postpartum time is targeted to help women and their families in a very comprehensive way. Her goal is to holistically address not only the physical issues that can come up, but how our hormones, digestion, diet, and immune responses tie into the mental/emotional roller-coaster that many women and families find themselves in during this unique time. I highly recommend Dr. Van Vleet as an amazing resource for women to address the root causes of difficulty during this period.
— Katie R

I find Meghan’s holistic approach to wellness to be a refreshing and empowering change to regular medical approaches where it feels like “get in, get out, take a pill, get on with your life”. Being able to look at the whole person– to talk about all aspects of a person’s life and how that may or may not be impacting one’s health just makes good sense.
— Jennifer K

Meghan is great – really knows her stuff but also has a very calming, warm energy. I have been very impressed with her approach and methodology.
— Liz D

It is such a breath of fresh air to consult with a clinician that has a holistic approach towards health. Dr. Van Vleet was thorough in her questions and listened carefully to my responses. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt validated in feeling how I felt. I appreciate how she uses food as medicine as much as possible- making great dietary suggestions instead of only supplement suggestions. I am excited to be in this healing journey and trust in Dr. Van Vleet’s medical expertise and holistic guidance.
— Erica W

During a time of great duress with a mounting symptom list, another trusted female practitioner highly recommended I work with Meghan to support my health. She not only got to the bottom of my health issues, but her recommendations allowed me to heal my body in a very sensitive and positive way. I felt listened-to and knew she was working in my best interest. Thanks to Meghan, I have my life back!
— Lindsay T

I am a busy working professional and first time Mom. I am a planner, researcher, and over-preparer and did all the ‘right’ things to have a healthy pregnancy and be ready to welcome our first born. I had an awesome pregnancy and loved being pregnant. The miracle that was growing inside of me was awe-inspiring, to say the least. Of everything I did to prepare, I was completely unprepared for the postpartum anxiety and depression I would experience. I had heard of postpartum mood and anxiety challenges that moms had but never thought I would be affected by them.

From day one postpartum, generalized anxiety crept in. The challenges of becoming a new mom plus sleep deprivation compounded to an enormous sadness that sat with me. I questioned everything I did and felt like I was failing on all fronts as a new mother. I tried to express my feelings to my husband, friends, and even my obstetrician; but just couldn’t get the words out. I was afraid they would think I was crazy or being over dramatic. I knew I needed help and I began to research postpartum resources. I came across the Postpartum Wellness Center and was so relieved to know there were professionals that specialized in postpartum support. I scheduled an appointment with the first available therapist and could not be happier that it was with Julie Ciecior.

Julie is very relational, warm, and caring, yet she will challenge you on deep levels, something I needed. She made therapy actually fun and I’m surprised at how much I laughed. Julie has taught me skills that can be used for a lifetime, not just postpartum. They help me with focus, sleep, and processing challenges. Working with Julie I was able to process the issues that were making me stuck and I was able to finally feel like myself again, finding confidence in my new skin as a mom. I highly recommend Julie and the Postpartum Wellness Center.
— First time Mom

As a practitioner and new mama I have the deepest gratitude for Julie and her work with The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder. Her group work offers new mamas a safe space to find support and community as they navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood. Her one-on-one work goes beyond an appointment. She is with you through it ALL, the long nights, the challenging days and doubts of success as a new mother. Her passion shines through in her care and I am so grateful that she chooses to share it with our community!
— Dr. Amber Thompson, DC, CACCP - Well Spine Family Chiropractic

I very much appreciate Julie’s candid and authentic approach to life’s experiences and the challenges they present. Julie is straight-forward with her counseling and guidance and yet, is not shy of infusing appropriate humor and sarcasm when working with clients. I have referred several women experiencing challenges of “new motherhood” to Julie and they have all commented to me how effective the sessions were and how comfortable they felt with Julie.
— Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC - Avista Adventist Hospital