Reproductive Psychiatry Provider, Nurse Practitioner, RN or Midwife

The Postpartum Wellness Center/Boulder is a multidisciplinary mental health and wellness center founded by Kate Kripke, LCSW; and our team currently consists of four psychotherapists, a reproductive psychiatrist, graduate-level therapy interns, and collaborators in acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, pelvic floor PT, pediatric OT, lactation, and infant/child sleep. The PWC/B serves individuals, couples, and families across the reproductive health spectrum, into early family life, and with a predominate focus on perinatal and maternal mental health.

We are looking to invite an additional prescriber, either a psychiatric nurse practitioner, midwife, or other appropriate provider into our practice.

Ideal Candidate:

·       Is committed to Reproductive Psychiatry, and either comes with prior knowledge of this specialized work or is aspiring to learn this field

·       Provides ethical care with high integrity by honoring your strengths and seeking collaboration & support from colleagues when necessary

·       Works independently to provide clients with an exceptional therapy experience by representing the PWC/B through excellent judgment and professional conduct at all times

·       Is willing to be mentored/supervised by the PWC/B’s psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Rhodes

·       Is interested in participating in a wellness community with a commitment to collaborative client care

Professional Requirements:

·       Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, midwife, or other legal prescriber

·       Colorado Licensure

·       Possess own professional liability insurance

·       Must have your own business entity, for example either LLC or S-Corp status (preferred), or willingness to set this up

Application Process:

Please send a cover letter and resume to or call 303-586-564