As a practitioner and new mama I have the deepest gratitude for Julie and her work with The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder. Her group work offers new mamas a safe space to find support and community as they navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood. Her one-on-one work goes beyond an appointment. She is with you through it ALL, the long nights, the challenging days and doubts of success as a new mother. Her passion shines through in her care and I am so grateful that she chooses to share it with our community!
— Dr. Amber Thompson, DC, CACCP - Well Spine Family Chiropractic



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Julie has been working with people in human services for over 15 years, and as a therapist for 6. She is especially devoted to helping new and veteran moms manage the wild ride that is motherhood. Julie is a mother of two, and finds this fact helps her connect with clients and provide meaningful support and healing. She enjoys working with postpartum and pregnant moms; processing traumatic birth experiences; working with survivors of sexual abuse and the ways in which the abuse can affect pregnancy, birth and motherhood; perinatal mood disorders; processing trauma; and issues around family of origin attachment that can sometimes arise when you are a new parent.

Julie has attended training in Perinatal Mood Disorders through Postpartum Support International, has extensive training with trauma and sexual abuse, and is trained to use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); which she describes as similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but with the added bonus of that “East meets West” support that includes mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a focus on human communication theory from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her Masters in Counseling from Regis University. At Regis she also took certificate classes focused on grief and loss, as well as art therapy and the creative process in relation to overcoming trauma and reworking your personal life narrative.

Julie loves to laugh and finds that humor can be one of the fastest ways to connect with a client who is feeling nervous about the therapeutic process. You can expect that she will use that humor, in addition to honesty and genuine care for you as a client, in order to build a relationship with you and to help you navigate the ever-muddy, joyful, and occasionally smooth and blissful waters of parenthood. 

When she isn’t working, Julie loves to spend time with her tiny humans, husband and friends. Her favorite things include camping adventures in their popup camper, exploring Colorado (and the world when time permits), coffee, delicious food, a good sandy beach, and her penchant for all things nerdy and awesome (like Star Wars). A fun fact about Julie is that a million years ago she worked at Disneyland, which she attributes to the very beginning of her love of, and fascination with, humanity.


Licensed Professional Counselor

Nationally Certified Counselor


M.A. Counseling Regis University, Denver, CO

B.A. Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Professional Affiliations

Postpartum Support International

Colorado Counseling Association