Carolyn Yates, PT, DPT is a Colorado State licensed Physical Therapist with a pelvic floor rehabilitation specialty. After receiving a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Nashville's Belmont University School of Physical Therapy, she moved to New York City and began her career. It was in NYC that she was exposed to the pelvic floor rehabilitation niche of physical therapy. Through continuing education courses, Carolyn expanded her knowledge of pelvic floor rehabilitation and was inspired by the energy of the women teaching them. The excitement around this fairly unknown area of physical therapy was contagious. Carolyn found herself empowered and excited to spread the word, working to help women and men become pain free through conservative treatment such as physical therapy. It was then, that she realized she wanted to focus her career towards pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Carolyn went on to start and grow her own business in NYC, Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness. Being an avid athlete herself (she ran D1 track and cross-country during her undergraduate years at Lipscomb University), she continued accepting general orthopedic and sports patients but focused her efforts towards pelvic floor rehabilitation. After five and a half years in NYC, Carolyn decided that it was time to move to a more relaxing environment that offered her accessibility to the activities she loves most; trail running, hiking, camping, road biking, etc.. Living in Boulder had been a dream of Carolyn’s for many years and she had finally decided to make it a reality.

Carolyn brought Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness with her to Bouder and is continuing to focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation. She is passionate about educating the public on pelvic floor rehabilitation. She understands that many people are suffering from pelvic pain and/or dysfunction but are unaware that conservative treatments are available. Carolyn uses education as the first mode of intervention. She believes that the more educated the patient is, the more they’re aware of what their body is going through. This can be very empowering to patients! The more the patient can help themselves the better. Carolyn also uses manual interventions, exercise and stretching prescription, relaxation and breathing techniques, and daily living modifications to help patients through their pain and dysfunction.

Carolyn knows that learning never ends; advances in technology and techniques will continue to change her field of work. She is dedicated to her patients, continued education, reading the latest research, learning from fellow colleagues within her field, and partnering with allied health professionals. Carolyn is excited to help you work through your pain and dysfunction!

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