On Motherhood. And Wonder Woman.

Mother's Day is coming to a close.  My husband is in California for work, and I have spent my second Mother's Day in a row alone with my two spectacular daughters.  I can't tell a lie- I spent much of the earlier part of the day simply feeling sorry for myself- no breakfast in bed, no mom's day off yoga class, no sweet reminders from my husband about how appreciated I am.  And, truthfully, feeling sorry for myself is probably an understatement.. I was kinda pissed. And then, thanks to all of the wonderful women who I work with each week, I was reminded that I need to practice what I preach in my office.  The more I thought about how disappointed I was that I wasn't being publicly celebrated in my pajamas  the more down I felt.  And all that I really wanted was to feel great on Mother's Day.  And so I looked at the two faces on the other side of the breakfast table and took charge.  I decided that today I was going to celebrate myself.

And all of you.

You see, motherhood drives me.  Not just the day in and day out of the joys and frustrations of raising my two young daughters but that huge, all consuming FACT of motherhood.  I have made the choice to be one myself.  I have molded my career after working with moms.  I think and talk about motherhood all day every day whether it is with myself, the women who I work with, my colleagues, or my dearest friends.  It is literally what I feel most passionate about in the whole wide world.

I'll repeat here what I said in yesterday's post: Without mothers,  there would be no human life on earth. No world population. Not. One. Person. Would. Exist. Without. Mothers.

I mean, whoa.  We are important.

The term "Mother" is all encompassing, isn't it? I asked all of you to share your views on what the definition of "Mother" is and I received only one response (I'll forgive all of you... this posting stuff will catch on with time :-)  What one reader said is this:

She is her children’s everything. She is Wonder Woman, even when she doesn’t feel like it or look like it.

I have thought about this response today as I meandered through my day celebrating myself and the mothers of the world. 

She is her children's everything: Without her, her children would be lost.  Her responsibility to them as growing little people who will become adults perhaps with children of their own is overwhelming at times.  Her children depend on her for security, consistency, trust, love, and guidance.  Their health depends on her health.  And therefore, her heath is of the highest importance. She is her children's everything. And so she needs to be as well as she is able.  Healthy.  Happy.  Fulfilled. Full.  She needs to be happy and healthy and well to the best of her ability for herself whether she works inside or outside of the home.  So that she has the immense amounts of energy that it takes to give to the little people who depend on her.  And women who do not feel this way deserve to get the support that they need to feel better. This is not to say, of course, that moms need to feel great all the time... That simply would not be human.  But if moms truly are their kids' everything, they need her. They need her to be her best self.  And so does she.

She is Wonder Woman even if she doesn't feel like it or look like it.  I love this part.  I have written about Wonder Woman before, although I have written about her from the position of "she doesn't exist."  And I think I like this perspective even better.  What this reader says here is that we are all Wonder Women.  Each one of us who is a Mom is Wonder Woman when we are feeling our best.  And when we are not.  We are Wonder Women when we are dressed up for work or date night and also when we haven't showered for several days, slept for several days, or cooked for several days.  We are Wonder Women when we are patient and also when we have lost our tempers.  We are Wonder Women when we are making our children's Halloween costumes or baking our kiddo's birthday cake from scratch and also when we are banking on store bought everything.  We are Wonder Women when we make it to they gym or run a marathon and also when the word exercise is hidden away with our pre-kid wardrobes.  We are Wonder Women when we are working all day at the office and also when we are home all day with our kids.  We are Wonder Women when we breast feed our children though toddler-hood and also when we formula feed from the start.  We are Wonder Women when we deliver babies naturally and also when we have assisted births or C-Sections.  We are Wonder Women when we have mastered a clean house and folded laundry and also when the dishes are piled high and our children are in the same filthy outfit for the third day in a row.  We are Wonder Women when we finish a novel or the Sunday Times and also when we have forgotten how to read or have eyes only for books whose font fills half a page.  We are Wonder Women when we are discussing politics or the environment and also when talking about nothing other than poop.   We are Wonder Women when we are emotionally well, and also when we are not.  We are Wonder Women when we have avoided or are over our debilitating bouts of postpartum depression and also when we are right smack in the middle of it.

We are ALL Wonder Women.

Move over blue bikini with the stars.

So today, my dear Friends and Readers, I salute all of you Wonder Women out there.  We make the world go 'round, sisters.  Whether you are riding the wave or being swallowed up by the white water, we are all part of the same team and we need to look out for each other.  Every second of every day.  We need to watch out for ourselves and we need to watch out for our neighbors because Bat Man and Robin are nothing compared to us.

The world needs us to be well.

Happy Mother's Day.  I am honored to be one of you.

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