Real faces of postpartum depression and anxiety

Most women find themselves in the midst of some form of an adjustment when they become mothers- whether that be due to changes in identity, body image, relationships, or emotions. Many women find the road bumpy, and then adjust accordingly without too much upset or interference. Many others, about 15-20%, will continue to be challenged with more debilitating depression and/or anxiety. Sadly, there is still too much stigma surrounding PPD, and in effect, a great number of moms struggle alone without reaching out for the support that would enable a quicker recovery. Postpartum Progress, a long running and widely followed blog in support of women who struggle with PPD and the professionals who support them, has called out to moms who have battled PPD and recovered fully. I invite you to think, just for a moment, about your impressions of postpartum depression... Who are the women who have postpartum depression and/or anxiety? Are they like you? Or do you imagine them to be somehow different? The images submitted by these women may surprise you.

They are just like all of us.

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