Hello! I am glad that you found us. My name is Kate Kripke, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in the prevention and treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders including postpartum depression and anxiety. In my Boulder, Colorado practice I partner with women as they negotiate the often challenging road toward emotional, social, and physical health in motherhood. Some of these moms are being challenged with the debilitating symptoms of overwhelming anxiety and/or depression that can occur at any point during pregnancy or in the first year following birth, while others are feeling less anxious and/or depressed but find the adjustment to motherhood more overwhelming than expected. This blog is intended for any woman who is seeking support through this journey... and for those family members and friends who want to support her along the way. Throughout this blog, you will find discussions about new research in the area of prenatal and postpartum health as well as information about new discoveries in maternal well-being. There will be interviews with a diverse set of health professionals about their thoughts around PPD and family health. I also invite you to share your stories, your questions, and your wellness strategies with the rest of us.

I am hopeful that this blog will be a useful contribution to the other blogs and information out there that are a support to women and families throughout the road toward balanced wellness and health.


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